weekly wishlist #4: a university essentials edition

Friday, 21 September 2012

My city is slowly starting to fill up with new Freshers and returning students so that only means one thing...a new semester! Alas, I am no longer a student (although I wish I was!) but I thought it would be a great idea if I compiled a wishlist of things that I would love to get to get ready for university!

I have always been a backpack girl. I don't think I've ever gone to school or university without a backpack. I love the look of these canvas bags because they're so casual although I don't think they'll last very long in typical Scottish weather! I live in trainers (I'm partial to Converse mainly!) because they're so easy to style and throw on when I'm in a rush. They are especially comfy when you're having to sit in a lecture theatre for ages! Keeping in the comfort theme, in my opinion, you cannot survive university without depending on a hoody or two. Great for cold library study sessions or running from building to building!

I always go crazy when buying stationery. Notebooks, pens, ringbinders and ruled paper! I'm pretty sure I've managed to keep WHSmith running for an entire year with my stationery buying habit! I've always lusted after a Moleskine notebook, there is always something grown up about owning such a classic notebook. Last but not least, is an umbrella. 'An umbrella'? I hear you say. Yes, especially if like me you had to depend on public transportation for a long time! You can thank me later!

If you're going off to university, whether as a Fresher or a returning student, I wish you all the best luck for the year!

What are your university essentials?



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