what's in my bag? an evening edition

Saturday, 15 September 2012

During the day, I'm definitely one of those girls who takes everything and their kitchen sink with them in their bags. In the evening time however, I'm the opposite of that extreme. I really think I carry too little. I love doing little variations of the 'what's in my bag' posts so here is my evening bag edition!

I'm a cross body bag type girl. Some like clutch bags, some like shoulder bags but this is my style. Keeps both hands free for drinks :)

Whoever doesn't carry their phone with them when going out is actually crazy! Especially if you're going out clubbing or whatever, you need to prepare for any eventuality. My phone is so huge I'm surprised it's not the only thing in there!

To capture those special moments! I used to be the group photographer when going out but I've slowly stopped taking so many pictures. Other people have started taking more pictures and the majority of them hardly end up on my Facebook anyway (I always have the option of untagging them because I wouldn't want my work to find out what a state I could get into!) and I can always ask my friends for a copy of a picture if I think it's photo frame worthy!

Lip Product
I rarely if ever touch up my lippy when I'm out. But I like to have that option.

I carry my money in this little Vera Bradley pouch I got when I studied in America. So great to keep everything in one place. My IDs go in here too. If I'm planning on getting a taxi home that night, I keep the money for that in a separate pouch inside the bag and if I'm getting a night bus then I make sure I have enough change for that. Easy as!

Hair bobbles, kirky grips and house keys.

So that's everything. Pretty simplistic right? I don't like carry my worldly possessions out with me because you never know what could happen to your stuff!

What do you usually carry in your evening bag?




  1. I rarely go out in the evening, I usually go out in the day :) but I do the same haha, better to keep it minimal. And dude your phone IS huge LOL xD

    Where is your bag from? And is that the balm stain in honey? I'm in love with that!

    1. I know, I'm pretty sure it has its own postcode! The bag is from Reiss that I got in the summer sale and yes, it's the balm stain in Honey. One of my favourites too :)


  2. My essentials are phone, money, lip balm, tissues and keys

    I follow you now :)xx

    1. It's amazing what essentials are different for each person isn't it? :D


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