21. The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 19 June 2016

It's been a little quiet on the ol' blog front this week. It's difficult finding time to blog when you're tired from work and all you want to do is sleep. How do you full time workers/casual bloggers do it?

This week has been an emotional one. Being a girl is not easy and around once a month I turn into a fire breathing dragon. My week has been work, eat, sleep, gym repeat.

This weekend, me and the boy ate at Cafe Andaluz as we were gifted some vouchers at Christmas and hadn't got round to using them. They run out this month and as we're in Barcelona until the end of the month it was the perfect time to get ourselves ready for our holiday. Delicious tapas, Sangria and a massive paella to line our bellies. Yum-my!

I hope you've all the been spoiling your Fathers this weekend. Me and Brother Orchid made our dad a Sunday roast and it was delicious. It's amazing what some good food, good company and a full night's rest can do for your mood.

Only four more working days then I will be sunning myself in Barcelona! No Sunday Journal next week but why not take a trip down memory lane and have a read of some of my old posts?



20. The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 12 June 2016

I'm surprised I've even had a moment to sit down and write this post! Another week on call for work has brought another week of stresses and sleepless nights. I've definitely stressed myself out this week that I've made myself ill. But alas tomorrow I get to pass the phone on to my poor colleague and I can have a whole nights sleep to myself!

I'm having to up my fitness game this week (despite being on call!) and I gave my local gym's protein smoothie menu a go. I hate protein shakes. The taste, the smell, the cost; just does not appeal to me but I tried this mango protein smoothie and it was the best thing I have ever tasted! I noted down the ingredients and hope to replicate it at home

I've been doing a lot of baking this week and have been loving experimenting with gluten free bakes. I'm not jumping on the gluten free bandwagon but one of my colleagues is gluten free so I like to make things so she can enjoy them too. I will hopefully be posting about the main differences I have found with the bakes I have made so far.

Bit of a short one this week but catch up with all my other posts like my Bennachie post/video and a little lifestyle post up my real life. I'm off to make a Sunday roast for me and the boy :)



30 before 30 Challenge - Bennachie WIN

Monday, 6 June 2016

If you're a long time reader of Parisian Orchid and of this 30 before 30 series, you will know that this is my second attempt up Bennachie! I couldn't have asked for better weather (a major contrast to the last time I tried to get to the top)

I'm not going to lie, I'm not a born walker and I hate walking anywhere! I prefer running so I really struggled with this hike but the sun was shining and it was definitely the day to make it to the top. It was really busy with other walkers and when we got to the top, the view was well worth it! We seemed to have done the adventure all wrong as we looked around, people had flasks of tea, sandwiches and snacks to enjoy whilst overlooking Aberdeenshire and we were ravenous. Next time, we will know to bring provisions.

I couldn't have done it without the boy spurring me on and staying by my side the entire way. Now that I've made it to the top, I would like to climb it again and possibly make it a regular thing through the summer.



19. The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 5 June 2016

We have been blessed with the most amazing weather this weekend and I didn't let it go to waste! On Saturday we went through to Stonehaven for the Fee'in Market. It was a very traditional town market selling home produce and lots of stalls for the kiddie winkles to win prizes. All the money goes back into the community so I didn't begrudge paying for a few games or two. We ended up back at the boy's friend's town house and had an impromptu barbeque in the sunshine. Perfect!

We woke up today planning to go for a nice long run but with the weather being this good, we decided to try ticking off another item from my 30 before 30 list and climbed Bennachie. I made it right to the top this time. A post and video to follow this week :)

If you hail from Aberdeen, you know the city is devoid of any good ice cream places. You have to venture out of the city to the beach or to cute seaside towns/suburbs to get a good ice cream fix but we came across this ice cream stall in the Bon Accord shopping centre and totally regretted getting two scoops. Got some funny looks walking through the centre with this amazing structure! Can't refuse some good ice cream when the weather is this good.

I'm back on call for work next week so I've been making the most of my free weekend before being tied to the Blackberry of doom! I hope you've all had an amazing weekend with the sunshine. Summer has certainly arrived and I hope it stays just a little while :)



The Real Life

Friday, 3 June 2016

When we put ourselves on the internet, we put out into the world what we want others to see. I don't class myself as a 'blogger'. I love writing and I happen to have a blog where I put out my thoughts in this life that I live but what do I really do? Do I have a life outside of what I decide to write on this little space of the internet that I claim as my own?

I have a job. A full time job that pays the bills, puts the roof over my head and food in my belly. I work Monday-Fridays as a freight forwarder a mere 2 minutes away from my home. Freight forwarding is what I've been doing for the past 3 years and although I get stressful days, weeks or months; it's my living.

I like to think I'm creative. I obviously write and I'm always thinking of new ways to make sure my content is engaging and interesting to you lovely readers. I love printmaking and I'm considering going back to University to do the intermediate printmaking class.

I try and live a healthy lifestyle. I do a lot of runs to the point where I think I've broken my body so bad due to it but I still do it even though I curse myself every time I set off for a run. I frequent at the gym and do circuit training with my chummy 2 times a week in the morning before work and then I try and fit in other weight training or cardio in between. Still love my food though.

My friends, my family and my boyfriend are important to me.  I've put myself out there in the past and have been shot down or don't 'fit in' with the group dynamics but I'm happy with where I am. I love the people I surround myself with embrace who I am as a person and support me in whatever I do or the hairbrained schemes I come up with!

Amongst other things; I am clumsy (I've dropped, broken and lost three phones and counting!), a workaholic, TV series junkie, gin lover and a nice snuggle in bed.

Instagram and Facebook can filter our lives to perfection but this is the real life I live and love.