Weekly Wishlist #3: Autumn Edition

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

It definitely doesn't feel like it recently with the glorious sunshine we've been having but when it reaches September, I always look forward to the colder months because it means wrapping up in layers and being all cuddly and warm. I haven't done a weekly wishlist in a while (oops!) but these new Autumn trends are so inviting that an Autumn Wishlist was begging to be made!

Some of the items I've picked have been featured at some point or another on the blog and yes, they're still on my mind! The coast tassel wrap was featured in my House of Fraser Blogger Challenge and I've been loving the 'burgundy' colour trend this season. It's so muted and wearable! I've been hunting down a pair of black western style boots and when I saw these ALDO ones in London, I was a bit disappointed I couldn't get the suede ones in black. Defeated, I continued on my search but now looking back...I really like the tan coloured ones. That's what I get for being so closed-minded sometimes eh?

I've had my current blue trenchcoat from H&M for at least a year and a half now and it's been through quite a lot! I'm on the lookout for a new one and I've been loving the plaid/tweed trend. Will be so nice to wear for the 'ooh, I don't know if it's cold enough to wear a full on thick jacket' weather. We all experience that at least once!

I've heard such great things about MAC's Face and Body foundation. I'm all about going after the natural look so I think this will be great for me when I'm cooped up at the office! It seems like a good investment as the bottle size is quite large but only a small amount is needed (always thinking thrifty!) The worse thing is that I don't live near a MAC counter so I'm a bit wary about ordering online without knowing which shade is best for me. Next time I'm in Glasgow, I'll know where I'm going first! Lastly, I've been after a cream blush for a while and NARS always do a great colour range. Penny Lane looks like such a great Autumn/Winter shade. I'm slowly veering away from bright glittery blushes and gravitating towards more muted and 'Winter Rose' shades. That's what I get for growing up!

I've had such a great time surfing the net and picking out these items but treading on dangerous ground now that there is so many great things coming out now!

What are your 'must have' Autumn pieces?




  1. I'm on the lookout for a new coat too but I find it so hard to find the perfect one because I don't like really manly styles and really girly styles don't suit me much!
    I love the boots here though, and that cream blush looks amazing.



    1. The boots are so lovely in real life! I'm so gutted I didn't snap them up!