Make-Up Starter Kit

Thursday, 13 September 2012

When I was starting out in make-up, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount and variation of make-up available so I was always scared to spend my money only to experiment with one thing and hating it. I'm so glad that I discovered the YouTube and blogging community because I would have never been able to find my own way around! For those just starting out in make-up or not really knowing where to start, I've compiled a little list of things you might want to consider or look out for when purchasing your first products!

This would really be starting point numero uno! The drugstores do really good foundations that are sometimes even better than higher end brands. Revlon or Rimmel do great foundations at great prices. For me, a BB cream is great if you're scared of having to colour match yourself. Garnier, 17, Maybelline etc, are all jumping on the BB cream bandwagon so you're sure to find something you like!

Now, this isn't actually an essential but if you have oily areas on your face then this is great for controlling that. My favourite is 17's pressed powder or Rimmel Stay Matte is a great alternative.

Let's face it, we all get those days where we just want to stay under the duvet and avoid facing the outside world but concealer is the next best thing! The ever raved about Collection 2000 (now just called Collection?) concealer is great and inexpensive. Well worth it!

I love that English Rose look that a blush gives you. ELF do great blushes as well as Sleek so you have wide selection out there.

Even if you have the tiniest lashes ever, mascara is a must have in anyone's make-up bag. It makes such a big difference to someone's eyes. We all know it but my favourite right now is 17's Peep Show!

Cream Eyeshadow
One swipe of a cream eyeshadow over your eyelids and you're good to go. I try not to faff around with too many colours i.e. lid colour, crease colour, darken up and highlighting too often, as to be honest, I'd rather stay in bed an extra 10 minutes! Maybelline has brought out a great (albiet, limited) range of cream eyeshadows that are so pigmented and purse friendly.

I think eyeliner was one of the first make-up items I ever bought. So simple to use and can create a multitude of illusions for your eyes! Black tends to be the default shade!

I don't wear lipstick too often but everyone needs an everyday nude that goes with everything! I'd throughly recommend 17's Beehive. It's glossy, great shade and inexpensive!

What items I consider a make-up starter kit to contain could be entirely different to what you think but I think this is a perfecting foundation to anyone looking to start!

What was in your make-up starter kit when you were starting out?




  1. My essentials are mascara and lipbalm - that's all! I'm not a fan of cream eyeshadows though as they tend to crease super fast on me and I'm lazy to take the extra to apply a primer ahah

    1. I didn't discover cream shadows until about 2 years ago. They suit me well with my lazy style :P


  2. this is a great kit! It's got all the basics :D Mascara and Eye liner, and concealer were definitely some of the first products I ever bought!

    1. Thanks so much! It's amazing how much I've progressed and how much I still have to learn!


  3. I use foundation everyday to hide my spots and some days a little bit of mascara as well :)xx

    1. I use that too everyday for work. Would rather have those extra 10 minutes in bed :D