Barcelona Diaries Day 1 & 2

Friday, 1 July 2016

Me and the boy have been needing a holiday for a while. We've both been working too hard at work and what better way to wind down than to get on a plane to sunny Barcelona? We left on Friday 24th June, a sad day for the UK as we found out that we as a country did not want to be a part of the EU any more *cue jokes about using the non EU passport queue at the airports* but we didn't let it be a dampener on our trip and off we went.

Once we got to London however, we found out that our connecting flight to Barcelona was cancelled and that we had been rebooked on the flight going out the next morning. Stranded in London with no luggage and the two of us becoming very irritable we managed to get a hotel sorted for the night (courtesy of BA of course!) I was able to contact our Air BnB host to let him know that we would be arriving the next morning instead, he was very accommodating and met us the next morning.

Waking up at 3am on Saturday to make our 6am flight was a wake up call I do not want to remember. Transfer buses didn't start until 4am and the Heathrow Express Terminal trains didn't start until 5am! Cue us running like mad chickens through the terminals to make our flight. Even though I run as a hobby, running through airports is something completely different.

Arriving into Barcelona in the same clothes we left (sunny) Aberdeen in was such a rookie mistake. The temperature was 30 degrees and it stayed at this temperature the entire trip.

After changing our clothes, we explored the city. I have never been to Barcelona before but the boy has been twice before for arts festivals. The city was busy and full of tourists which isn't surprising as the city has such an amazing history.

We ate some delicious paella and wandered around getting our bearings. We ended up at this beautiful marina port and sat and had a cold drink soaking up the sunshine. Amazing end to a very tiring day. Sets us up well for the rest of the trip.

Look out for Barcelona Diaries Day 3 & 4 soon!



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