24. The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 17 July 2016

I feel like my 'on call' weeks are just weeks of me being grumpy and generally not wanting to participate in life. This week has been much of the same so I will keep this one short and sweet.

My fitness regime has gone out the window and I have taken a week off from all things fitness but back on this week with lots of classes and fitness adventures to go on.

Every one and their Grandma has Pokemon Go and as a fanatic of Pokemon, I've not downloaded it. I really dislike all things mainstream and I'm not one to follow the crowds. After being branded a 'nerd' at work with previous chats of the Pokemon game, the fact I own a Pikachu plush and keyring; I'm basically the only one in the office that doesn't own this game.

Me and the boy booked a spontaneous trip to Edinburgh in September. We're also looking for a trip to do in November and I was looking into Disneyland Paris but with all the attacks in France, the boy and my Mother aren't too keen to let me go. If we were to go, anyone have any Disneyland Paris recommendations/trip planning advice?

Back to normality next week please :)


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