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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

After a hard workout at the gym, it can be pretty easy to reach for the unhealthy snacks and justify it by saying you had burnt calories on the treadmill. I must admit, I have been guilty of that. I've been on the look out for a healthy alternative to a post workout meal and I happened upon these Bounce Energy Balls in my local Holland and Barrett.

A sucker as always for bright coloured packaging, this jumped out at me and I picked up a few flavours to try. I bought Peanut, Cacao Orange and Coconut Lemon.

They are high in protein, gluten free and contain whey protein; a great source for post workout. Better yet, they are all individually shaped so no two are the same and they contain all raw ingredients.

The one thing I noticed is that they are quite heavy and dense. I wasn't able to easily rip these in two. I really don't like the taste of protein shakes but these don't have a bad taste. The unique shape and flavours are really interesting. I'm not too keen on the cacao flavours as I found them a bit too bitter and dry but the Peanut one is the best smelling and tasting. I usually have half after my workout and nibble on the rest throughout the morning. Of course, it's really up to yourself if you want to eat it all at once :)

They're quite pricey at £1.99 each but you can usually find deals online or in store and you can probably get two snacks out of one if you cut one in half.

Have you tried one of these before? What are your favourite post workout snacks?



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