Barcelona Diaries Day 5

Saturday, 16 July 2016

After sunburn-gate we weren't really in the mood for our last day of sightseeing. I had woken up with two mosquito bites and the boy was still feeling unwell from the sunburn. We had booked a bike tour that morning and debated whether we were both up for going. The boy decided that we should make the most of our last day and go on the bike tour. I had an amazing time scooting about the city on the bike and it made me really miss riding a bike. You can read all about the Sandemans bike tour I did here.

After the bike tour we rested up with some lunch then had a walk around the old gothic quarter. We saw the queue for the Picasso Museum was short so we queued and got in without 10 minutes. I love the audio tour and his early work was amazing but his cubism phase didn't appeal to me and the boy and were pretty glad the museum was closing so we didn't have to stay any longer than necessary. I was very interested in his printmaking work but found the subject matter very vulgar and sexualised. I think they should have kept the temporary exhibit as over 18's only :/

We had an early dinner of tapas and this establishment we went to was not great for our last meal. Something about those black cuttlefish croquettes put me off! We went back to the Air BnB where our host was putting in new furniture that day but it hadn't been completed when we popped back in earlier. They felt bad that we had to go out again so early so offered to buy us dinner. We turned it down as we had eaten earlier but didn't mind the inconvenience so much.

We packed up our bags ready for the early flight tomorrow. Off we went the next day to the airport and back home to Aberdeen with no cancelled flights! It was great to come home to a cold breeze and to be able to sleep under a duvet!

I loved Barcelona and would love to go back when it's off season, I felt there was too many tourists during the summer months. The cancelled flights, sunburn-gate and moquito bites made it less enjoyable but time off with the boy with delicious food, drink and laden with history. Who can complain?



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