26. The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 31 July 2016

I haven't stopped this week until now. Got a nice cup of tea and Once Upon a Time in the background. Bliss.

This week I've signed up to the 100 mile challenge in August which is tomorrow. The weather is doing me any favours at all and I think I'll find myself doing more than a couple of treadmill runs to make up the mileage.

Me and the boy went camping this weekend and it was hilariously rubbish. The tent I bought for our anniversary was clearly not tested in Scotland and of course it wouldn't be a camping trip without a dousing of rain! Albeit, we had fun but in the morning we packed up our tent and headed on home glad to a bit more dry. I have so far resisted the urge to get into bed and will savour it more tonight.

I bought myself a few new books this week. I really want to get back into reading in between everything else I'm doing. I'm really looking forward to getting into Carrie's new book - 'On the Other Side'

Have a nice relaxing Sunday all, enjoy those precious moments of peace :)



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