21. The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 19 June 2016

It's been a little quiet on the ol' blog front this week. It's difficult finding time to blog when you're tired from work and all you want to do is sleep. How do you full time workers/casual bloggers do it?

This week has been an emotional one. Being a girl is not easy and around once a month I turn into a fire breathing dragon. My week has been work, eat, sleep, gym repeat.

This weekend, me and the boy ate at Cafe Andaluz as we were gifted some vouchers at Christmas and hadn't got round to using them. They run out this month and as we're in Barcelona until the end of the month it was the perfect time to get ourselves ready for our holiday. Delicious tapas, Sangria and a massive paella to line our bellies. Yum-my!

I hope you've all the been spoiling your Fathers this weekend. Me and Brother Orchid made our dad a Sunday roast and it was delicious. It's amazing what some good food, good company and a full night's rest can do for your mood.

Only four more working days then I will be sunning myself in Barcelona! No Sunday Journal next week but why not take a trip down memory lane and have a read of some of my old posts?



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