Foodie Eats: Ed's Easy Diner

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Who doesn't love a tasty burger? Me and the boy love burgers and our favourite place to go is Ed's Easy Diner. Nestled away in the food court of the Bon Accord Centre in Aberdeen, the diner is typically American. Furnished with booths and 60's style signs, it welcomes you in before you've even sat down.

The menu is typical of a diner; burgers, hot dogs and milkshakes. We obviously come for the burgers and the bacon and cheeseburger with a vanilla malt milkshake is a favourite of mine. Whilst waiting for our food we decided to peruse the jukebox sitting on our table. For 20p a song, which all goes to charity, we didn't begrudge spending a few pennies on some classic 60's tunes.

The milkshakes are served in a metal glass and it is a very generous portion (around 2 servings per milkshake) - I always go for a classic vanilla milkshake with malt. I would have liked the option for a small milkshake but I have the boy at hand to help me finish it. The milkshake is thick, creamy and full of flavour and is definitely a firm favourite of mine.

Forget your Byron Burgers, Handmade Burger or Haachi Burgers; these are the most succulent and most juiciest burgers ever. I rarely ever finish a whole burger due to the thickness of the patty and the bun but the combination here at Ed's is delicious. When ordering you have the choice of small medium or large. In my confusion, the really friendly waitress explained the small comes with one patty, medium with two and the large with three. I opted for the small and upgraded to an 'Ed's plate' which came with fries, onion rings and coleslaw. I swapped my regular fries for sweet potato fries, albeit not the best fries I have ever had, they were still very good.

The dining options are very flexible. You can have the burger on its own and there is a wide choice of sides and different sides which is great for the picky eater.  The boy was particularly hungry and ordered a medium burger with a hot dog and chilli fries. Safe to say, his eyes were bigger than his belly and he struggled to finish it. He said his burger was really tasty but I had a bite of his hot dog and found the bun to be very dry.

Being located in a shopping centre far from the maddening crowd means this establishment doesn't get the customer rep it should. Union Square has some nice restaurants and some very bad ones and would like to see this place opening up where more people can appreciate it.

Ed, you make the best burgers and we will be back!



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