A Foodie Eats: Cafe Andaluz Aberdeen

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Where can you go for delicious tapas cooked fresh and delivered hot to your table within 10 minutes of ordering? Cafe Andaluz. That's where.

Located in the heart of Aberdeen, they also have restaurants in both Edinburgh and Glasgow (which I have also been to previous to this visit), the restaurant is bustling and beautifully decorated with a warm atmosphere. The menu is vast and I had trouble deciding what to have. It's split up between vegetarian, seafood and meat dishes as well as side orders etc.

I went for a visit with Mama Orchid for a pre-theatre meal. I had booked the table about 2 months in advance as I had heard it gets booked up pretty quickly.

We ordered five tapas which from past experience would be ample for us. We decided on calamari, battered chicken with honey and wholegrain mustard seed, aubergine with cous cous, tomatoes and cheese, croquettas and paella.

The food came really quickly but it was still amazingly fresh and hot. Bonus points already for being at a 'Vanessa temperature'. The winning dish of the night was the aubergine. It was deliciously flavoured and of course the melted cheese on top was divine. The calamari however was still delicious but lacked flavour. The squid was beautifully cooked and not rubbery at all and although there was fresh rock salt scattered over the top; it lacked a certain something that would have made this dish taste amazing.

I was pretty full on the five tapas that we shared costing around £5 per tapas - obviously this price will vary depending on what you order. Me and the boy were given a food voucher for this restaurant so I will certainly be back another time to sample more of its delights.




  1. I've been to the Edinburgh restaurant before but still never made it to Aberdeen's one! Must put it on my list!!

    Christy x
    Dinner Stories

    1. It's so good! Definitely give it a try and let me know what you think :)

      Vanessa x