A Foodie Eats: Byron Burger

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Everyone loves a good burger don't they? When a new burger place opened up in Aberdeen, I was all over it! I've only ever heard of Bryon Burger from those big Landan bloggers and I was waiting with bated breath for it to open.

Me, the boy and some of our friends decided to give it a go one Sunday afternoon to celebrate the last incy bit of my birthday weekend.

The menu is very diverse and I had trouble deciding what to have but I opted for the veggie burger...just so I could have a side of macaroni cheese.

The server was very sympathetic towards our hungover state after having a bit too much prosecco the night before and recommended a milkshake. The boy ordered a vanilla milkshake with added malt and it was deliciously thick and creamy. I believe they are made with 4 scoops of ice cream!!! It tasted like the middle of a malteaser and was amazingly moreish. I probably wouldn't order a whole one to myself as they came in a large - what can be described as a cannister - glass but I would be more than happy to share one.

The food came promptly despite the restaurant being very busy for a late Sunday afternoon. The macaroni cheese was the winner of the day. The cheese sauce was sizzling hot was perfectly seasoned. The bun was very fluffy and the veggie burger itself was very tasty. Can't go wrong with sweet potato fries either! The boy said his burger was the best burger he has ever tasted and I barely saw it touch his plate before he devoured it. All the beef burgers are cooked medium as standard but they can be cooked well done if requested. The boy particularly liked them cooked medium.

The burgers themselves are reasonably priced and the chips etc. have to be ordered separately. I think next time I will try a beef burger to see how they compare. Overall, big thumbs up Bryon! I'll be back!



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