30 before 30 Challenge

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

*deep breath* I will be 26 on 18th February. I will be closer to 30 than 20. I will be considered in my 'late twenties'. I will have to tick the 26-30 box on those forms. Nope. Not freaking out. At all.

At the tail end of 2015, I was having coffee with one of my closest friend and we talked about me doing a '30 before 30 challenge'. A personal list of things I want to achieve before I turn the ripe old age of 30. I can look back on my twenties and say 'wow, wasn't that fun?' Then look over to my thirties and say 'I'm ready for you!'

I will be documenting my progress here on the blog so why not click on the follow button over there so you don't miss out?

30 before 30

1.Complete a food challenge
2. Run a marathon
3. Start a business - whether it be a small stall at a market or something online.
4. Write a short novel
5. Go backpacking/hiking
6. Watch 10 classic movies I haven't seen before
 - An Affair to Remember
 - Donnie Darko
 - Casablanca
 - The Wickerman
 - Scarface
 - Trainspotting
 - It's a Wonderful Life
 - Flashdance
 - Mary Poppins
 - Bambi
7. Wear a bikini
8. Finish a TEFL course
9. Visit Kakslauttanen in Finland and stay in an igloo and see the Northern Lights
10. Climb Bennachie read about it here
11. Work on my photography
12. See a koala bear  read about it here
13. Go to a ski resort
14. Make a croqumbouche
15. Be in an art exhibit  read about it here
16. See a Wonder of the World
17. Do glass blowing
18. Go camping
19. Do archery
20. Organise a charity event
21. Teach something meaningful to someone
22. Volunteer
23. Skydive
24. Be the healthiest I have ever been
25. Say yes to 30 things I would usually say no to
26. Go fishing
27. Eat at a five star/michelin star restaurant
28. Go to a German Christmas Market
29. Keep a year long inspiration jar
30. Run 5K every day for a month

The challenge starts now. Will you come along for the ride?



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