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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Hello my cherubs! How are we all on this sunny/cold/snowy Valentines Day? Me and the boy have had a wonderful breakfast, I have cleaned the flat and left the boy watching Fast and Furious 7. We'll be cooking dinner together later on this evening. What are you guys doing for Valentines Day?

Well, I have been struck down with some sort of illness this week. First it was a touch of flu at the beginning of the week and now it has developed into something a bit more sinister. So, apologies for not getting more posts up this week but I've been going to bed super early and sleeping right through the night. I have managed to avoid whatever illnesses have passed through my office but not this one. Save me!

On Saturday however, I braved the cold and had a Winter BBQ at my friend's parent's cottage for her birthday. By golly it was FREZZING but I lasted the whole day before having to retire back home. So strange having a BBQ in February but it kinda worked! I sat by the fire most of the night trying to keep my feet warm. Oh, and here is your first glimpse of the boy. Isn't he so handsome?



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