12 in 2012

Monday, 31 December 2012

I am absolutely terrified that it has made its way to 2013. That can't be right...someone grab me a calendar!

I thought I would look back at my year and pick out 12 of my favourite highlights.

1. University: I'm so proud of myself for completing my studies this year. A law degree in 2011 and then a postgraduate diploma in 2012. Who knows where life will take me, I may consider another degree in the future...

2. Employment: Although my job right now isn't what I actually had planned to do after graduation, it's a step in some sort of direction. Long hours and stressful days aren't so bad once I see that I'm managing to save up some money for my rainy day in the future.

3. Blog: 2012 is the year that ParisianOrchid was established. I'm so proud of my wee blog and so grateful to anyone who reads the ramblings of little old me. I hope in 2013, ParisianOrchid will stretch its wings and I'll definitely dedicate more of my time to it.

4. Confidence: I feel like my confidence has grown so much more in 2012. Spending time with people who have a positive nature has made me a much happier person.

5. Friends: I consider myself to have a small group of friends and I had to make a tough decision this year in regards to excluding people who made me unhappy or doubt my own abilities. It may seem harsh but if I get a dull feeling about having to see someone, what's the point in having them in your life if it makes you unhappy? 

6. Baking: I've baked my way through hundreds of recipes (or made up recipes!) this year and I'm so happy that I've finally mastered the holy grail of Chinese cakes. The chiffon cake. It's become a firm favourite in the family now.

7. Travel: With graduating and job hunting, I haven't done half as much travelling this year as I would have liked to. I did manage to visit Paris and London though amongst other Scottish cities. I would like to use some of my rainy day fund to be used towards an adventure abroad though. I think I would like that.

8. Family: With another family wedding under our belt, we welcomed another Orchid baby into the family and another baby on the way next year. Chubby cheeks alert in 2013!

9. Creativity: I was always a creative child but I think my imagination got lost in and amongst my law books so I'm glad a little of my creativity has started to seep back into my life.

10. Independence: In an attempt to avoid a highlight entitled 'love', I think my independence is a winner this year. Before I can commit to someone else, I kind of need to know more about myself. As cheesy as that sounds!

11. Laughs: I don't think I've laughed as much as I have done this year. Nothing that can't be cured with a giggle or two.

12. Reading: Last but not least, I rekindled my bookworm status. The danger of university is that you swap fiction for educational books and you don't nearly get as much pleasure from reading journal articles.

My 12 in 2012! I hope you all have a brilliant Hogmanay and a fantastic New Year to start things afresh!

What are your highlights in 2012?



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