review: beauty diary 2-step hydrating sheet masks

Thursday, 13 December 2012

I find it really difficult to find sheet masks in the UK. Not sure why because they are so much more convenient to use than regular face masks out of a tube! Must be the lazy girl within me!

When MamaOrchid was in HK last month, I asked her to pick me up some sheet masks and she came up trumps! The one she got was a 2-step Africa Hydrating sheet mask pack. They come with one sheet mask and a moisturiser emulsion for afterwards. The Africa pack has a mango scented sheet mask and oh smells so good! It's rather fruity and doesn't have that chemical scent that you often get. I found that I had to wring out a little of the moisture from the mask as the first time I used it, it was dripping down my clothes! I pop it on after cleansing my face at night time. Remember to tie your hair back before using it and leave it for about 20 minutes. The handy eye, nose and mouth holes will give you enough time to finish a chapter in a book, a part of a television programme before the break or even night time stretches! I peel it off and wipe away the excess moisture from my face with a warm face cloth and then I tone my face before applying the moisturising emulsion. At night time, I tend to want a thicker moisturising cream so I just use my regular night cream but I had used it once and it was really nice and light. 

You get 8 sheet masks per pack and I tend to sheet mask it up probably every 2 weeks so I don't run out and then apply a regular face mask on the other weeks. I'm not sure if there is a retailer in the UK that stocks these but if you hit up ebay, I'm sure you will find a reputable seller like this one.  

Have you ever used sheet masks before?



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