getting crafty: wrapping christmas presents

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I'm on a roll with all these crafty posts huh? Well, today I will be showing you how I am wrapping my Christmas presents this year. You'll be sitting there thinking that it is such a silly post. Wrapping Christmas presents?! What's so special about that? special as you want to make it!
 You will need:
A Christmas present
Parcel Paper
Washi Tape (regular sellotape would also work)
Christmas stamps of your choice
Gift tags (if using)
Cup of tea
One exhausted Vanessa later, you should get a wrapped box of dreams! I'm all about being a bit unique and different and no-one else in the country will have the same wrapped present as you! I see shops selling lovely wrapping paper and ribbons but I love the personal touch of a present if it comes uniquely wrapped.

Do you like customising your Christmas presents?




  1. I'm looking forward to Christmas, the wrapping looks beautiful! Thanks so much for your lovely tweet earlier, i feel a bit shocked about that thread on the forum. I guess some people would say that bloggers put themselves out, this is bound to happen. All the more hurt that it comes from BBC forum. I used to love it when I was 13! x

    1. Thanks! Oh you're very welcome! I guess we're all bound to get a little constructive criticism sometimes but doing it in that way is just a big no-no!