up-cycling - candle jars storage

Monday, 10 December 2012

I have to apologise for all these lifestyle posts that are popping up on your reading list but I've been planning this one for a while and I've finally managed to start writing it!

I always get that sense of 'oh I don't want to throw away the empty candle jar when I've finished' feeling. Seems a bit of a waste if it goes in the rubbish. I believe I was reading Vivianna Does Makeup's blog and saw that she re-used her old candle votives to store some odd bits and pieces. 

I put the finished candle in the freezer for a few hours to freeze the remaining wax. Once I've taken it out, I use a sharp implement such as a knife or a pair of scissors to pop the wax out. Please be careful doing this, I don't want any injuries on my conscience! Clean out the votive with warm water and a cotton pad to get all the waxy bits out.

I use the votives to store cotton buds, lip products and those spare buttons you get with clothing that you don't know where to put!

Have you ever tried up-cycling items before and give them a new purpose in life?