sunday summary #18 (on a monday): london edition take 2

Monday, 3 December 2012

*Photo heavy post*

These really shouldn't be called Sunday Summaries anymore should they? They always seem to be popping up on Monday! But nonetheless, here is what has been happening the past week!

On Thursday, I made the 7 hour train journey down to London with my friend with the intention of attending the Harry Potter studios and just chilling out in London for the weekend (Harry Potter Studio pictures will have a dedicated post). And by golly is was AMAZING! I don't think I've ever laughed so much in one weekend. It doesn't seem like too long ago that I was in London but it was obviously for different reasons!

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and we decided to head into the city and do a little exploring. Whilst on Oxford Street, I caught a fleeting glance of Michelle from Daisybutter and I was so excited because I've been a long time reader of her blog and what are the chances that I would see her on Oxford Street? Couldn't really stop though because I got caught in the flow of the Oxford Street crowd! Then we went to our home away from home...Chinatown! Food was yummy and the atmosphere was buzzing. 

Friday was Harry Potter day and it was just an actual dream come true! I obviously spent far too much money in the gift shop but I am now the proud owner of a wand and a time turner. The world is in my hands! Again, I will do a separate post dedicated to Harry Potter so don't fret! Then I tried Korean food for the first time. So spicy but so good at the same time!

Saturday was our free day so we headed back into the city and did a little shopping. Wow, people be crazy because it was the first day of December, it seemed like the whole world and their mothers decided to go shopping! But Oxford Street is so pretty at night time with all those Christmassy nights and brisk Winter weather! We ended up back at Chinatown again for dinner with my friend's brother and his friend and my other friend! It was like a tiny reunion!

Sunday was our travelling day and I was so exhausted but I love riding the rail! I've basically had the best weekend ever and now I will always have the memories :D No doubt that I will be heading South again for more adventures!



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