review: mac - speak louder cremesheen lipstick

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My first MAC lipstick. What can I say? It's love. I don't live near a MAC so I spent a lot of time researching which lipstick I should invest in and then purchased it online as a treat for completing my 'no jeans month'. The one I chose is 'Speak Louder' which is a cremesheen and is described as a 'clean poppy blue pink'.

I want to be more brave and start sporting a bright-ish pink lip so this looked like something I wouldn't mind leaving the house in. I'm such a MAC noob that I wouldn't really be able to tell you about the different finishes and formulas of the lipsticks and I'm sure other bloggers can explain it ten trillion times better than me. 

I have such difficulty describing shades but I'll try my best. This is a muted poppy pink colour that doesn't look as scary in stick form as it does on my lips. It goes with my skin tone really well and it is such an amazing investment. It can be used as a subtle shade that just enhances the beautifullness of your natural lip colour or you can build it up and sport a lovely bright pink lip. I prep my lips by using a Lush lip scrub first to get rid of any annoying dry flaky bitties on my lips and then this glides on like a dream. Such a great investment!

'Speak Louder' is £14.00 and can be purchased from a MAC counter or online. 

Are there any lipsticks (whether it be MAC or not!) that is your favourite?




  1. Oooooh this looks so pretty Vanessa! I'm sure it looks just as lovely on you as it does on the bullet. :) It kind of looks like the MAC lipstick I won in a giveaway a couple of months ago (I really should put up the swatches etc already lol)

    btw I never order makeup online - I'm too afraid it'll end up looking different from the picture and not suiting me D; I'm a big scaredy cat like that haha. Glad it worked out for you though :oD


    1. Aww, thanks Mary! I know what you mean about ordering makeup online. I spend about 3 months researching it online and watching youtube videos about it. 9 times out of 10 I decide that I don't want it but this one was the exception. It's stunning :D