the 'i don't know when i'm going to wear these but i bought them anyway' haul

Friday, 14 June 2013

I think the best thing about giving away half my wardrobe is getting to buy new clothes to refill it again. Over the last few weeks, I've been carefully picking out new things and trying to be more fashionable. I am very much influenced by the blogger community so send me over your favourite fashion blog links!

I popped into Primark to have a look around and yes, I bought some things that I don't know when I'd wear them but I bought them anyway...

The Paris top is a long sleeveless top and was only £4.00. Again, no idea how I'd wear this but I love Paris and the ombre sunset in the background sold it to me.
I've been buying so many skirts lately (alas, not enough tops to go with them) and as a big fan of navy this caught my eye. It comes a little past my knees and is a silky material. I really like it but have no clue how to style it. Ideas? This was £10.00

Lastly, the main reason I went into Primark. I have never worn or owned a pair of sandals before. Really. I have a fear of feet. Bare feet, toes and just feet in general. I thought 60 steps ahead and invested in a pair of sandals if I ever get to go on holiday this year to a sunny location. I've done the whole Converse wearing situation in Hong Kong before and it was horrible. These cover up all the necessary and they are sandal-ish! They have a Topshop look about them and they were also the last pair in my size. Hurrah! At £12.00, I went to the cash register a happy shopper.



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