aberdeen international market

Monday, 3 June 2013

There is an amazing international market that graces its presence in Aberdeen every once in a while. Filled with delicious food stuffs and quirky market stalls, it sometimes feels like the entire Aberdeen population flocks to the city centre to sample some delicious delights over the weekend. 

I was down into the city centre with some friends and we decided to pop in and have a look around. It was a Sunday so it was a little quieter than the usual Saturday hustle and bustle. The prices of the things are a little expensive but it's not everyday you get to try something interesting so it's definitely a payday splurge whenever I go!

 Mmmmmm, tasty tarts.

 Casually roasting a hog in the middle of the market. Smelt amazing.

 Brightly coloured cupcakes looked so inviting.

My friends got dutch pancakes with nutella. I watched with envy!

I came away with some french pastries, tarts and turkish delight for the Mother. I love the smells, sounds and atmosphere of a market. The enthusiasm of the market holders is infectious sometimes and you come away with more than you anticipated!

Does your city ever have these kinds of markets? What's your market food weakness? Mines is definitely cheese. Love the stuff.




  1. all the food looks amazing, i need some of those tarts and cupcakes! x

    1. The tarts were so tasty! Gotta get me some more when it next comes :)