review | lush yuzu and cocoa bubbleroon

Thursday, 20 June 2013

I am not a usually a bath girl. I prefer the ease of a shower. Spontaneously, I decided to draw a bath and spend a little time with Jay Gatsby (in book form obviously!). The lady in Lush was so lovely when I purchased this as I wasn't quite sure if you'd use it in the same way as a regular bubble bar. The scent is a strange mix of cocoa and light grapefruit, although the citrus scent is what comes through the strongest.

The lady in Lush suggested I grated the bubbleroon and when the bath tub fills with water, there would be more bubbles. I didn't try this technique as I don't have a non-food related grater so I went in with the usual crumbling it under the water. I pulled in in half and decided to save the other half for another time. I was disappointed with the lack of bubbles one half provided so I crumbled the other half in and there still wasn't as many bubbles as I would have liked. Not sure if I was crumbling it the wrong way (surely there is only one way to crumble a bubble bar!). So I was left sitting in a lack of bubbly water with the scent of citrus filling the air and the odd bit of undissolved bubble bar at the bottom of the tub.

This experience certainly hasn't converted me to the bath ways but I still love Lush nonetheless. This is slightly on the cheaper side for a bubblebar at £2.95 so it's nice to have a little treat. I probably won't be re-purchasing this particular product.

Have you tried this bubbleroon before or any other ones in the range?




  1. You'd be surprised that there are different "techniques" that get your different amounts of bubbles. If you keep crumbling small bits under the tap you'll get MOUNTAINS of bubbles. Sometimes if you just crumble and drop the bits they just float around the water and you don't get as many bubbles. I love the scent of this one though, so much so I have it in a perfume, haha!

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

    1. I really loved the scent...citrus scents for me all the way! I shall perhaps try some other crumbling techniques :)