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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Last month, I booked a train ticket down to Edinburgh (again!) with my friend to attend the Edinburgh Zoo Late Night event but unfortunately, we were too late in getting tickets to the event but the train was already booked. My friend used her epic event planning skills to arrange some alternative evening entertainment.

She didn't tell us ANYTHING until we arrived in Edinburgh but she had arranged to go to a comedy club called The Stand on York Place. It's an intimate setting where 4 comedians play during the evening and they aren't necessarily well known. It was such a good laugh even though there was one comedian who was just not getting any of my laughs by using the f-word in every second word he spoke. In my opinion, comedians don't have to swear to be funny. 

Afterwards, we headed to the Grassmarket for a few drinks to end the night We ended up in a cocktail bar called Dragonfly which I was led to believe did cocktails in goblets and fishbowls but apparently they stopped doing them. Devastated. 

The next morning, our train was at 1.30pm so we went to re-fuel in the form of breakfast. I think breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day despite the fact that I rarely get time to eat it! My friend recommended Cafe Lucano on George IV Bridge which is a little cute cafe. I ordered 'The Breakfast' and I didn't realise how much food there was. Under the toast lay another meal in itself in the form of black pudding, mushrooms, tomato, sausages and bacon. Oh my. Are you salivating yet?

We had a little wander down to the train station stopping at some of the small boutiques which I ended up buying a print from. It's currently waiting patiently for a pretty frame to be housed in. 

I had such a great weekend with my old uni friends and so many laughs! Edinburgh is fast becoming one of my favourite Scottish cities ever. I would love to live there one day and explore even more!



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