photo a day january: week one

Sunday, 6 January 2013

If you read my resolution post, you will know that I'm doing 'photo a day january'. This is a quick round up of my week so far.

January 1st 2013: I barely slept a wink on Hogmanay and I was up at 5am to start the year off by working a 10 hour shift. After work, I nipped home and swiftly went out again to have some dinner. Exhausted as I was, I managed to make it through dinner without falling asleep in my dinner!

January 2nd 2013: More food! It was MamaOrchid's birthday on the 4th January but we food we wanted to have is only on Monday-Thursday. We had some delicious Chinese hotpot which was so good but so filling at the same time! It's also a healthy alternative to a heavy meal as everything is cooked in a pot of boiling water with a little stock.

January 3rd 2013: I had some annual leave hours to take so I left work early and came home to make a start on my pile of DVDs I bought last week. The 3rd also marked the first day of my week off! I didn't get any time off work over Christmas so this week off is definitely well deserved.

January 4th 2013: MamaOrchid's birthday! I made her a lovely cream chiffon cake and it went down a treat! Exhausting to make but the end result is tasty!

January 5th 2013: Town was surprisingly very quiet at the weekend but me, MamaOrchid and BrotherOrchid went into town to run some errands. We went to the Monkey House for lunch as my Uncle said the food was good there. I can't comment on the other food items, but the chips here are amazingly tasty!

January 6th 2013: I made plans to go to the cinema today as I still haven't seen any of the movies that I wanted to last month but I decided to spend the day at home blogging, watching old skool CITV and watching Dexter. I started it last night (which was probably a bad idea seeing as it was quite gory!) but it's soooooo good! Such a loveable character and the storyline is fantastic!

So here is my round-up. Not a very exciting week I must admit but all I really need is a little downtime that doesn't revolve around work!

How has your first week of January been?



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