photo a day january: week four

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Yay! It's almost the end of January! That means one of my all time favourite months is about to begin! Next week will be a round up of the last few days of January so next month's resolution post will be up soon!

January 21st 2013: I've been feeling so grumpy the last few days (definitely woman time!). All I've been wanting to do is stay in bed, eat my weight in cheese puffs and watch Dexter. 

January 22nd 2013: I always feel absolutely terrible after my second early shift. 5am wake up calls plays havoc on my skin and my under eyes! I look like the living dead! Attractive. 

January 23rd 2013: One of the worst things about shift work is that I rarely get any time to myself or even to think, so this is a last minute photo. Curled up in bed just before midnight with a book. Two of my favourite B's.

January 24th 2013: The snow is slowly melting away up here in the North East and turned to slushy mess. The car park at my work is bumpy with a capital B! I'm so glad the snow is melting and the temperature is getting a little warmer.

January 25th 2013: One of my work colleagues is leaving work so I made some cupcakes for her leaving do spread. Half are vanilla and the other half are chocolate Rolo. I got so many compliments about them, feels good to be baking for other people again!

January 26th 2013: My last night shift which means I'm finally on days off! I switch desks every time I work so I have to carry around my desk essentials in my bag all the time.  You can usually find a coffee flask, Nivea lip butter and locker keys littered around my desk!

Quite a boring week I must admit! I hope you had an even more exciting one! I'm away to Edinburgh tomorrow for the day which I'm really excited about!