Saturday, 19 January 2013

A post about my hair. I know...I've officially lost it.

My hair has only ever been one thing. Unmanageable. It curls in places I don't want it to curl and my (non) fringe likes to separate from the rest of my hair making me look like a fool of a took! But recently I've been wearing my hair like this and I really love it.

I straighten my hair like usual and then I pull the front part of my (non) fringe to one side and start braiding. Then I clip it to one side either using kirby grips or my cute bow clip. I found this clip lurking around my savings jar (which is no longer a savings jar, but a 'put the things you have nowhere to put' jar). I think it looks simple and wearable whilst keeping that pesky fringe out of my face! 

How do you keep your hair manageable?




  1. Aw this is adorable. I'd do this if my hair wasn't do long and the fact that my open hair irritates me no end. xD

    My hair doesnt do anything. It's just long and flat. -_____-

    Sorry I have to say this.. BOWS OMG I WANT IT! I love bows. asjklkhgdskhs

    1. I LOVE BOWS TOO! Anything with it, I'm on it like a rash on Sunday! :D