photo a day january: week two

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Week two already?! Where does the time go huh? What with being back at work this week, my photos have gone a little downhill and just features mainly food items but let's crack on!

January 7th 2013: I finally went to see Pitch Perfect and it is such a good film! Love the music, actors and storyline! I quickly went home to download the soundtrack, now all I need is a plastic cup so I can learn the cup song.

January 8th 2013: My Dexter marathon continues. I've finished season 2 now so I'm about to start season 3 but with long hours at work, it'll have to wait until I get a good block of time on my hands,

January 9th 2013: My old uni friend came to visit me from Kirkcaldy and we exchanged belated Christmas presents. I yelped with joy in the middle of Starbucks as I opened my gifts! I'd been lusting after the listography book since November and she amazingly remembered which one it was I wanted. My mug collection is growing quite nicely as well with my new Edinburgh Starbucks mug! And the Mini Eggs are a recurring joke in our friendship. Let's say it involved a tube of Mini Eggs and a Megabus. 

January 10th 2013: I did have plans to go to the cinema but I decided to stay at home and watch Dexter whilst baking a cake. I got some new cake utensils and I was trying out a bundt cake. Turned out good on my first attempt I feel.

January 11th 2013: Yup, back to the daily grind of work. Trying to be healthy and opted for a homemade salad then I realised it looked ridiculous in my kiddies lunchbox. *sigh*

January 12th 2013: Came home from work and left promptly again to meet my friend for dins. I didn't realise how busy town is on a Saturday. Mingling amongst family dinners, friends get-togethers and dates...I felt like a fish out of water! But we ended up at TGI Fridays and I chowed down on my meal before snapping a picture of my glorious burger! But, I did get a new book in the post. I can't wait to read this, I've heard good things about since my purchase on Amazon.

A rather mediocre week but how is everyone's January going? Resolutions still intact?




  1. My resolution to eat healthir is well and truly out the window... will start again tomorrow haha! ;)

    I like your photo a day idea though, might give that a go during feb!

    1. Thanks! It was inspired by my friend who encouraged me to have some goals :)


  2. I really love your photo a day! Mini eggs are amazing <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Thanks Jennie! They are aren't they? Little chocolate delights :)