photo a day january: week three

Sunday, 20 January 2013

As Sunday rears its head, it's time for another photo a day January post! If you would like a daily update of my photos, click that little Instagram logo to your left and you'll won't regret it :)

January 13th 2013: The day I woke up and had more than 5 hours sleep! I was feeling so refreshed it was unbelievable! Damn my long hours at work!

January 14th 2013: The day snow hit the North East! It was short lived as now we don't seem to have any and England and Wales is covered with it! Not that I'm complaining, I fall into the 50% of the population that actually dislikes snow.

January 15th 2013: I've been giving gluten free pasta a good go and I actually really like it. You would not believe the amount of bread, rice and pasta I eat so I thought changing small bits of my diet might be good for me.

January 16th 2013: I cannot stop playing The Cup Song. I first heard The Cup Song on Pitch Perfect where Anna Kendrick's character plays it in the movie. I YouTubed it when I got home, learnt how to play it with a plastic cup and now I can't stop. It's so amazing to see people's faces when you do it. It's not that difficult. Really.

January 17th 2013: My first day off work and I popped into town to buy myself a 16-25 railcard in an attempt to have more adventures! Then one thing led to another and I ended up shopping and buying a Starbucks. I think they're still trying to use up their Christmas cups cos I was lucky to get one of the last ones!

January 18th 2013: I have been waiting to see this Les Miserables for about a year! I've been wanting to see the stage production in London for quite some time but no-one quite understands my obsession with it. I dragged my Mother along with me to see in on Friday night and ended up sitting about 4 rows from the front. Cue my aching neck but the movie was so good! I commend the actors who were amazing at the live singing! Had me in tears by the end.

January 19th 2013: At the beginning of January, I told myself that I would have a life plan by the end of the first week, but no, I still haven't got one. My Mother is insistent on pushing me to pick ANY other job and that I can't afford to be picky. Yes, yes I can. 

January 20th 2013: Been making lots of yummy pot stickers this morning. They're so delicious that I'm already craving more. How can that be?

How has your week been? Were you a graduate struggling to find any career direction too?




  1. Aw you look good, girl! And yay we both hate snow! :P

    Les Mis and Pitch Perfect are two things I've been wanting to watch for ages too! But alas the snow has stopped me from doing anything -______-

    What is this cup song everyone is on about?! Should I watch it on youtube or in the movie first? lol

    And I've been meaning to do that life plan thing too but.. *too lazy*

    Also unexpected shopping trips ftw~ haha

    1. The Cup Song: Watch it, it's soooo good!

      My life plan is now to have no life plan. To go where the wind may take me and to trust my instincts! I'm ready for another adventure!!!


  2. haha you tweeted me your link tonight and making my way up my tweet list slowly and come across yours. I love this post... very personal and your personality shines through - my favourite type of posts.

    I LOVED pitch perfect but the song I find myself youtubing (and embarrassingly downloading and now in my itunes) is the "just the way you are and just a dream" mash up... the song by bruno mars reminds me of my mum as i used this song as BG soundtrack to a video i made for her birthday which I have blogged about here...

    haha also... I am missing starbucks Christmas gingbread latte already NOOOO!! :(

    and yeh im picky with jobs too... i have happened to pick the most far fetched job ever lol especially in Wales... but one day... I will get there :)


    your newest follower

    1. Hello my new follower! Welcome!

      I love the Pitch Perfect soundtrack too! I love listening to it and pretending I'm in an acapella group!