Watch Storage & Collection

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I believe that everyone has a 'thing', an example being shoes, makeup, skincare etc. My thing is watches. I think it really stems back to my childhood where I had a Minnie Mouse watch that had a turning dial (and that was how I learnt my five times table :)) and I wore it all the time! Now fast forward to the present and I'm still loving watches to the point where I can't leave the house without one! I also have a pet peeve of people who constantly ask for the time but they don't wear a watch (even though I know that they own a watch!!)

I thought that I would share my little collection of watches and how I store them.

 My Mother bought me this cute little box from TK Maxx recently for £12.99 because she knows I love my watches!

001. My friends from university bought me this Ice watch for my 21st birthday. This is the smaller version with the silicone type strap and it's really well made.
002. My Mother bought me this watch for my Christmas last year and it's a double wrap watch from Swatch. I do prefer watches with a smaller face as I feel that my wrists won't be able to handle the bigger faces! I wear this one all the time as my casual watch. Once you master the technique of putting it on then you're good to go!
 003. My cousin bought me this one for my Christmas from Oasis but I don't wear it as often as I would like, hence why I popped it in this box as if it's on display then I'll more likely pick it up. It's really lovely actually!
004. This was my first 'silver' watch and I got this as a gift for my graduation last year. I basically got to pick out any one I wanted but there was something simple and classic about this Storm watch that appealed to me. Plus, I had always liked the look of Storm watches!

Oh dear...after typing all this out, I have realised that all my watches have been gifted to me! Doh! I must be a very predictable person! I have another space for one more watch and I was thinking about a Michael Kors one for my graduation present this year (or a new job, whichever comes first!) but I think I'm perfectly satisfied with my collection now.

What do you think? Do you own a small collection of watches as well? How do you store yours?




  1. What a nice way to store watches! Something like that would be good for bracelets too. I love organization tips like this. :)

    1. It would be amazing for bracelets! Would look so pretty too!


  2. Such a cute box and lovely watches! =) x