Palette Series: Benefit's Big Beautiful Eyes

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wooo! I have another series for you lovely readers! This is my palette series where we will be looking at a variety of palettes for (hopefully) every occasion! I love palettes, they're so versatile and ideal for travelling! Usually the colours contained in palettes ultimately compliment each other so there isn't really much thinking involved trying to match the colours together to create your look!

Today, we're looking at Benefit's Big Beautiful Eyes kit.

As you can see it comes with three really lovely colours and a concealer. Underneath the palette, it comes with a guide as to how to use each shadow which I found quite useful when I was first starting out with this palette.

The three colours are so wearable for a lovely daytime look and the darker brown shade is perfect if you find a black eyeliner is too harsh. The shimmery pink is very similar to MAC's Naked Lunch or UD's Sin. The darker pink is akin to UD's Toasted but very much on the lighter side. 

The brushes are really useful as well...they're actually one of the only brushes I have tolerated keeping! One brush is double ended for contouring and lining, the other for use with the concealer. The only bad thing I have to say about this kit is the concealer. Whilst I don't doubt the quality of the concealer, I just found it really misplaced to put it in the same palette with eyeshadows. With more use of the palette, I found the excess eyeshadow fall-out landed in the concealer making it beyond useful. 

The signature quirky packaging from Benefit makes this palette even more wonderful and the mirror inside certainly does have its uses. One of my first eyeshadow palettes I've owned, and I still treasure it! 

It's slightly on the pricey side currently at £24.50 (I think when I bought it it was slightly cheaper than that, the effects on inflation eh?). If you're looking for really good quality eyeshadows and the peace of mind that Benefit always churn out brilliant products then it is a worthy cause to part with your hard earned cash!

What do you think? Do you own any other Benefit eyeshadow products?



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