18. The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Another weekend, another 10K done. I entered the Barra 10K in aid of Kayleigh's Wee Stars last month as my company was sponsoring the race. As the only main participant in the race from my company (except from the guy actually organising it) I think I did the company proud! The race took place on Barra Hill which was the site of the Barra Battle 700 years ago and by golly it was some hill! I got a pretty good time considering the terrain and the race being described as 'cross country'. I ended up relaxing the evening with some chilled cider and pizza. Well deserved.

No more races for me in the next month whilst I let my body recover as along with circuit training, weight training and running; my body has taken quite the beating. I will be focusing more on my circuit and weight training as I look towards my holiday to Barcelona next month

I've had a 'pick n mix' week. Nothing too exciting. I managed to almost break my quads mid-week at a Body Pump class after not going for more than a month. I was squatting with the heaviest weights and I couldn't walk without wincing in pain. A good foam roll rehab sesh with my chummy seems to have done the trick and got me back on the running road.

This week has just been filled with too much fitness related things! My aim for next week is to eat more healthily and start planning our itinerary for Barcelona. The amazing weather this weekend is making me more excited for holiday sun.

How are we all today Orchids? Looking forward to June rolling in next week?


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