14. The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 1 May 2016

How about all this crazy weather we have been having huh? One afternoon is snowing a blizzard then in the evening it's bright and breezy! Are we not supposed to be in Spring?

This week I have been trying to train as much as I can for the Baker Hughes 10K in Aberdeen. But with the variable weather I've been finding myself frustrated at the lack of opportunities. The boy dragged me out of bed on Saturday morning and went for a nice gentle jog down the old railway line towards the park. It was so nice to have the sun beaming down on us and as we ran in the morning, we had the rest of the day to do our errands.

I finally finished the last of the painting in my flat. I repainted my kitchen as I grew to dislike the original colour I chose. I went for a bright lime green and I absolutely love it. Tiring Saturday but I'm so happy with the results.

If you're lucky to get tomorrow off work for the bank holiday weekend then I hope you enjoy your day and have something extra special planned! Think of us poor souls having to man the offices!



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