17. The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 22 May 2016

This has got to be the longest week ever! It's my first week 'on call' for work and I've been constantly on edge watching out for the flash of the red light on my Blackberry. I've been unlucky enough to have to spend all weekend in the office but it's almost over! Passing the buck over tomorrow thankfully.

I did manage to sneak out and have a Yo! Sushi session with my Brother Orchid and his girlfriend who is over from the States visiting. I don't tend to venture to Yo! outside of Mondays as it's so expensive otherwise but with my 25% discount the total wasn't so bad after all. California hand rolls are life.

I've also discovered 'Once Upon a Time' on Netflix and I am addicted. Am I years behind everyone else?

I've got another 10k race next week. A little tougher than the others as it's mainly done cross country and as I've been preoccupied with work, I have been unable to train this week but hopefully I'll get a couple of runs in before the actual day.

I hope you've all had a lovely week. Can't believe we're coming into our last week of May!



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