16. The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Here's me...finished a 10k run with a personal best today. As a runner, the joy, relief and sense of achievement once you finish a race is a difficult one to replicate.

The Baker Hughes 10k is a yearly event in the city of Aberdeen where thousands of runners come together to run the race for various reasons; it could be for a charity or personal achievement. This is my second year running it and it's my first race that I ran without any music. The flat course makes it easy to try and beat that personal best and that I did. Although chilly at the beginning of the race it brightened up and the wind blew us along the course. Well deserved takeaway food tonight!

We had a little cousins' reunion this afternoon with food, nibbles and a good old catch up. I've got a very big family what with my dad having 5 siblings who all have kids so it's nice for all the cousins to get together. We have all either moved away, grown up and have had kids or just have a very busy schedule but it was a great Sunday afternoon catching up and playing with the kids and bunny rabbits! I really want one now!!

Other than that, I've had a calm week. Busy at work as usual! I've also been thinking about getting into a bit of freelancing. Have any of you had any experience in this or any tips in starting out? Are there any opportunities out there for a gal living in a small time city?



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