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Thursday, 28 April 2016

I'm not built to be a runner but I ended up being one. I kick myself everytime I go for a run but once I get into my stride I think about my goal and that finishing post and I feel so amazing once I finish. When I go for a run; whether a cheeky 5k or a race event, I always try and have my essential kit with me.

iPod: Some people can run with music, some can run without. I need my music to keep me motivated and to keep my mind busy. When I run a race, my mind tends to block out the music but I need something to stop me from listening to my annoying breathing! And yes, I'm very old school and still own an iPod. 

Rocktape: Years of running has obviously put a lot of strain on my muscles and joints and its side effect of having old trainers and too much running! I recently started using Rocktape on my knees to help alleviate the pain. It's basically kinesiology tape and pulls the skins so it allows a greater range of movement. As a result, it lifts the skin and increases blood flow. I use this on both my knees and I found it a great help with the pain. You can use this tape anywhere on your body; your shoulders, thigh, elbow...

Garmin Forerunner: I used to use my phone to track my runs but last Christmas Mama Orchid bought me a Garmin Forerunner! I bought one of these for the boy for our anniversary one year and always wanted one for myself. It makes it easy for me to see how far I have ran and the distance by just looking at my wrist. Easy. Once I plug it into my computer, it maps your run and all your statistics. It's honestly the best gift ever and so practical and easy to use with only four buttons to work.

FitBelt: In the past, I had to think ahead to my outfit and make sure I have enough zippable pockets for all my possessions. Especially annoying if you're doing a race and have no-one to cheer you on/look after your stuff! I invested in this FitBelt after researching online for a good quality running belt that didn't resemble a bum bag. It's so light and compact and it fits everything! It's designed so it stretches and has enough space for even the biggest smart phone. I can keep my phone and my keys comfortably in this and wear it around my waist under my clothes. I don't feel it at all and fits really close to my skin without it weighing me down. There is also space for two energy gels for when I finally attempt a very long distance run!

So that's it. Race season is coming up and with the variable weather we have been enjoying in Aberdeen lately (Snow! Really?) I've been finding it very hard to train but hopefully I will be able to fit in a few sessions sooner rather than later.

Are you a runner? Do you have any essential kit that you always have with you?



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