19. The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 5 June 2016

We have been blessed with the most amazing weather this weekend and I didn't let it go to waste! On Saturday we went through to Stonehaven for the Fee'in Market. It was a very traditional town market selling home produce and lots of stalls for the kiddie winkles to win prizes. All the money goes back into the community so I didn't begrudge paying for a few games or two. We ended up back at the boy's friend's town house and had an impromptu barbeque in the sunshine. Perfect!

We woke up today planning to go for a nice long run but with the weather being this good, we decided to try ticking off another item from my 30 before 30 list and climbed Bennachie. I made it right to the top this time. A post and video to follow this week :)

If you hail from Aberdeen, you know the city is devoid of any good ice cream places. You have to venture out of the city to the beach or to cute seaside towns/suburbs to get a good ice cream fix but we came across this ice cream stall in the Bon Accord shopping centre and totally regretted getting two scoops. Got some funny looks walking through the centre with this amazing structure! Can't refuse some good ice cream when the weather is this good.

I'm back on call for work next week so I've been making the most of my free weekend before being tied to the Blackberry of doom! I hope you've all had an amazing weekend with the sunshine. Summer has certainly arrived and I hope it stays just a little while :)



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