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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Shu Uemura is one of those brands that I admire from afar but I'm a bit anxious to try some of their products without going to an actual counter. I found myself in Glasgow with a few hours to kill and along with payday and the fact House of Fraser was having a 2 day brand event, I couldn't resist popping to the counter to have a look.

I had heard infamous things about their cleansing oils so when the sales assistant offered to help decide which one was best suited for my skin, I knew I wasn't leaving that counter without a purchase. The sales assistant was the loveliest girl ever. She sat me down, asked me about my skin and went over the one she thought was best for me. She told me about the ingredients and what good things it'll do for my skin. Sure, it was a little rehearsed in some places but she answered my questions really well.

She offered to demonstrate it for me and she went above and beyond in my eyes. She explained the steps really well and didn't rush the process. She even convinced me to replace my well used Shu Uemura eyelash curler as well. After explaining everything to me and the price and sizes of the cleansing oil, I chose the smaller one and at no point did I felt pushed to buy a bigger bottle or any other products to go with it.

Even my friend was impressed with the service and shelled out for the new precision eyelash curler even though she didn't really need it. But I knew she wanted it really.

First impressions are important to me in a brand and I am exceptionally impressed with my experience. Sure I could make a purchase online but sometimes a little customer service can do wonders. Shu Uemura, I will definitely be re-purchasing.



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