amsterdam adventures \\ day one & two

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Feels like yesterday that I was soaking in some Dutch culture in the amazing city of Amsterdam. I have condensed my posts into two as the other two days were spent travelling and really didn't need a post of its own. So, here we go...

After I finished my last ever nightshift at my job, I rushed home to change and picked up my suitcase to head for the train station. We were flying from Glasgow and managed to cut down the price by about half! I was obviously very sleepy but very excited for my mini break away. After an eventful travelling day i.e. delayed flight and navigating the confusing train and metro lines we made it to our accommodation. We stayed with a host who rents out rooms in her apartment to travellers. She was a freelance graphic designer and was so lovely! Would definitely recommend her if you're ever planning a visit to Amsterdam.

After a well earned rest, we made plans to do some exploring in the city. We didn't make any plans as to what we wanted to see or do on our first day, just to explore and have a walk around the city. Let me tell you now, there are bikes EVERYWHERE! You would literally need two pairs of eyes to cross the road. So dangerous!

We sampled some of the local cuisine, chips. Or more specifically, street side chips which are a popular snack for the locals. They were pretty tasty actually and quite inexpensive. After a walk around the city, we headed back to the accommodation for some tea and a rest before going out for dinner. We went to this place called The Butcher which was voted Amsterdam's Number 1 burger. Oh my. It was good. Me and my friend ate in complete silence as we devoured our burgers. 

We then hung out in a beer garden type thing and sampled some Amstel Bier. I slowly introduced my friend to the wonders of beer and she surprisingly liked it. Absolutely shattered, we went back to our accommodation to rest for the next day's exploring.

Day three and four will be coming your way in due course!



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