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Friday, 31 May 2013

Recently, my friend has introduced me to a plethora of amazing Korean food. When I was in London last month, my friend showed me kimbap at Camden Market and I chowed down on some of the most delicious snack ever! But what is kimbap I hear you cry? It is sometimes referred to as 'Gimbap' and it looks like sushi but it's made with steamed/boiled rice rather than sushi rice and rolled in a sheet of dried seaweed. You can fill it with anything you like and is great for lunch or a snack. 

I've been making my own lately and experimenting with different fillings so here is how you can make your own Korean delights...

1 cup of white boiled/steamed long grain rice (you can also use brown rice if you want)
Sushi nori (dried seaweed sheets)
Rolling mat
Your fillings: I'm using lettuce, seafood sticks and ham but you can use anything you like...bacon, cucumber, carrot, salmon, avocado etc.)
Sesame oil

1. Lay your dried seaweed sheet shiny side down on your rolling mat which has been wrapped in cling film. Layer the rice on top and try and make it as even as possible leaving a small gap at the top and bottom. 
2. Layer your fillings at the bottom of the sheet and pop a little mayo along the fillings.
3. Here's the tricky bit; slowly start to roll the seaweed sheet using the mat to keep it tight. Practice makes perfect so don't be down hearted if it doesn't work the first time. 
4. Using some cooked rice grains, squash them into the end of the seaweed sheet to make the end of the roll stick or you can use water.
5. Brush on a small amount of sesame oil on the roll to keep it shiny and tasty.
6. Cut into eights and serve with soy sauce for dipping or wasabi if you're feeling a little adventurous!

I watched this YouTube video to get a rough idea of how to do it first and they explain kimbap really well.

This is a little different from my traditional baking recipes but if you're a big fan of sushi then you'll love this. So healthy, filling, quick and easy to make! You can make this the night before and store in the fridge for the next day but I would cut it on the day of eating and the seaweed gets a little soggy but it's still tasty nonetheless!

Bon app├ętit!



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