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Sunday, 19 May 2013

I'm kinda a museum geek. Put me in a museum and I can be there for hours! When my friend suggested attending the RBS Museum Lates at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, I pretty much cancelled all my plans and booked a train ticket down. The Museum Lates theme was DINO NIGHT! For £10, the museum gallery put on special activities and exhibits for over 18's only. I think the pictures pretty much explain everything...

We signed up for Animal Handling. Amongst holding the cutest tortoise ever, I also held a python. That's right, a PYTHON! I had to hold it with my friends though because with one broken wrist, I don't think holding a python by myself would have been a good idea!

We queued up for just over an hour to get our faces painted. No regrets though. Sparkly bones for the win!

The night was such good fun, amazing atmosphere and brilliant exhibits. I would definitely keep my eye for the next Museum Lates in the Autumn time. 

Do you love museums as much as I do?



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