stationery haul

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Put me in the stationery department of any shop and I will be there for ages picking up various stationery items and mulling over my head whether my notebook drawer really needs a new addition (trust me, I actually have a drawer just for notebooks and stationery).

As my plaster cast came off the other day (yay!), I had the privilege of being able to drive my car again (double yay!). I headed down to my nearest retail park and had a nosey around Home Bargains with the intent of buying some snacks for the cinema. I came out with more than that... 

I bought this set of 3 vintage-esque notebooks for 99p. I thought they'd be good for popping one in my bag for those 'eureka' moments. Plus, how Cath Kidson do they look? I love looking a recipes online and always have my laptop next to me when baking/cooking with a recipe but a white Macbook and messy Vanessa does not look like a good mix so I bought this recipe book at £1.29 to store all my lovely baking recipes I have discovered!

A bit nonsensical but I love tissue paper. These tissue paper packs will come in useful when I want to wrap gifts or such like. If you bought anything from my blog sale, you'd know I like to make anything look pretty with tissue paper! I bought a pink and blue one at 49p each.

Lastly, my brother bought me a map of the world about 2 years ago for my birthday and I have yet to pin it up in my room because I didn't have any coloured pins to pin where I had travelled. Home Bargains didn't have any coloured pins on their own so this 126pc desk essentials had to be bought for 99p. Can't complain. My map is finally in its rightful place on my wall!

Random haul but it's the best £4.25 I have spent so far! I do love a little Home Bargains spree from time to time! 

Do you love stationery as much as I do? 




  1. I am sooo obsessed with stationery! I collect it and I have done since i was about seven when my grandma bought me some sanrio letter set from hong kong. The floral notebook you have here is lovely, i'm tempted to buy it!! What a bargain! xxx

    1. I love stationery from Hong Kong! Everything is so quaint and cute! At 99p for 3 notebooks, you can't really go wrong with that kind of bargain :)