Sunday Summary #13: A Wedding Edition

Sunday, 29 July 2012

This week I was away in North Berwick in Edinburgh for my cousin's wedding! If you follow me on Twitter (@ParisianOrchid) you will know that I stupidly didn't get any outfit photos so I'm going to snap some photos later this week for you :)

It was a long day that started at 7am for me as we had to drive 3 hours down to the ceremony but the location was a beauty as it was right on the coast of the Firth of Forth. It was great seeing all my extended family again and I was introduced to my new baby cousin whom is a beaut and a half! I obviously ate and drank far too much, hey ho! I haven't been dieting for 3 weeks for nothing!

The next day we went down to the 'Beauty Spot' of North Berwick and I snapped some lovely photos before we made the journey back up North. I also sampled some delicious North Berwick lobster and it was yummy in my tummy!

Can't believe that is July almost over! Where has the time gone? But I'm looking forward to the next few months as I will be down in London at the end of August and I start my new job at the beginning of September! 2012 has been fantastic so far!

What have you been up to this week?



P.S. Whilst reading Gillian's blog from elevatormusik, I found out that there is a Scottish blogger meet-up being planned for next month! Head over to Scottish Bloggers for more information if you are a Scottish blogger! I love this idea! As a fairly new blogger, I'd love the opportunity to meet with other bloggers and just have a little natter!


  1. Aww I'm so glad you had a lovely weekend! Love your pictures <3 xo

    1. Thanks Jennie! You can probably tell that I got a new photo editing software, so I've been loving playing around with it! :)