Sunday Summary #10

Sunday, 8 July 2012

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001. The picture above are the three different dresses I have bought in the past few weeks. I really don't think I need that many dresses but they're all so pretty (and in the sale!) that I really couldn't pass them up! Plus, I'm sure I'll find an occasion to wear them. My bank account is suffering a lot right now though!

002. I've been thinking a lot about my blog and what I can do to make it more 'me'. Possibly a unique type of post or a bit of a 'blog re-vamp'? If you're very technological and would love to give me a hand, then I would be greatly appreciated!

003. Whilst sitting here and trying to think about what I've done this seems that I haven't really done much with my time. I finally went for my 'medical assessment' for my new job in which the results should come through next week then fingers crossed everything goes to plan, I can start my training at the end of the month! 

Other than that, I'm getting excited about this week as I have a 'pre-wedding big family meal' and GRADUATION! I'm rather looking forward to it!

What have you been up to this week?




  1. The dress on the left looks interesting - why don't you do an outfit of the day? :-)

    Now that I think about it I haven't done much this week either :P I think it's the rain that's making me feel lazy haha xD


    1. It's a pretty purple-ish/blue-ish dress with colourful birds on it! I'll definitely do an outfit of the day when I get the chance to wear it :)

      I do loves me a rainy day! Perfect excuse to be lazy!