Sunday Summary #12: Changing Times

Sunday, 22 July 2012

So you might have noticed a few changes going around on my blog, namely the name of my blog! I have been thinking a lot about my blog lately and I decided that I wanted to change the name now rather than later. Although I loved 'A Thoughtful Sunday Blog', it just wasn't a name that I was happy enough telling people about and with it being one of the most important parts of a blog, it needed a lovely new over-haul! So, introducing 'Parisian Orchid'! 

I've spent the best part of today changing things over, getting a new email address, making a new banner (for the interim) etc. and although I've tried my very hardest to change everything...some things still carry the 'A Thoughtful Sunday Blog' title so bear with me whilst I under-go some construction work!

I thought it would be nice to let you know about these changes as if you don't follow me on Twitter (@ParisianOrchid), you would have been very freaked out indeed!

So what do you think of the new name? 

I hope you're all having a delightful Sunday!




  1. I love the new name and layout, it look super pretty and really suits the blog :)I decided to change my blog name not too long ago as well! Its funny how much of a change it can make!
    Anna xx

    1. Aww, thanks so much! I'm still in need of a major re-vamp but I'm happy with what I have just now :)