Sunday Summary #11: Graduation Edition

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Well here I am, another postgraduate being thrown out into the big bad world! 

If you don't follow me on Twitter (@thoughtsunday), then you wouldn't know that I graduated on Wednesday! There was a big hoo-hah as to what time we were actually graduating because the university decided to change the time one week before the ceremony but the website hadn't been amended yet. Cue, the mass confusion amongst the Diploma students! But it was all finally fixed and I had a great day! The ceremony itself was in the big theatre in my city where all the musical theatre shows are held. I was really nervous beforehand (strangely enough) but me and my friends made it through the ceremony without any big hiccups! It was definitely a non-stop day and had only about an hour to myself! 

Mr. Sun certainly did not have his hat on like last year but it was great seeing everyone again and catching up on the few months we hadn't seen each other. I then went out for dinner to a hotel restaurant I had been wanting to try out and the meal was good! Not great, but still delicious! As I wasn't going to my graduation ball this year, some people had decided to go out for a few drinks and a dance or two at our student union so it was great seeing those who didn't go to the ceremony.

It feels like such a big end of an era! I enjoy studying and the academia part of my life and I do certainly miss it now that I'm not in education anymore. Wednesday did really set it in stone that I do want to be a solicitor and although it isn't going to happen to me right now, I know that my time will come! So for now, I will put to good use any opportunities that come my way in the vain hope that it will lead me down the path of law.



P.S...So after having a few days to think about the direction of my blog, I have decided to stop doing my 'Sunday Summaries' as I know a lot of bloggers do this and the end of the week certainly becomes saturated with these types of posts! I will be doing the odd update every now and then where I will have 'editions' quite like this one, I have really enjoyed doing this type of post so you never know, it might make a comeback soon!