#londonadventures - day two

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Continuing on with the adventure - day two! I don't think it's ever stopped raining since we had been in London. First stop was more food. We wanted to visit the markets near Spitalfields but it was pouring with rain. We decided to let the rain ease of a bit and headed to Hache Burgers. I'm a big fan of burgers and always think I can finish a whole one - bun and all. I went all out and opted for the Steak Milano burger with ciabatta bread. I ate the WHOLE thing. It was amazing! I'm literally drooling thinking about it.

The rain went away and we started on our market hopping. We ended up in Spitalfields Market first and it was amazing. Lots of little stalls selling unique items. We had a good old browse and I came away with just some Turkish Delight for my mum as she loves the white ones :)

We wandered further afield to Brick Lane by which point it started pouring down with rain again. We took cover in a bookshop and then headed back to Spitalfields for a coffee and a wee sit down. On the way back, we ended up in Sunday Upmarket and the smells coming from there were incredible. I felt like I had eaten all the food but it was just me smelling the amazing smells coming from all the stalls. There were foods from all over the world; Ethiopia, Lithuania, Greek...

We saw this cute doughnut van in Spitalfields Market and decided to indulge in one of their delights. Everything is homemade, from the dough to the jams inside. If I'm being honest, the doughnuts were just alright. I've had better and big kudos to them for making everything form scratch but just not to my liking unfortunately.

After a sushi stop for dinner, we headed back to our apartment to pack for our last day in London.



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