13. The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Happy Sunday Orchids! Sorry for the sporadic posting, I've been quite the social butterfly!

I'm back from my city break in Warsaw. We managed to walk over 20k on both of the full days we were there and my feet are well and truly crumpled. I even managed to catch the cold whilst I was away so I have been trying to recover from that. I made a video of the trip and uploaded it to Youtube on private so I can share it with my friends. I'm so proud of it as I spent a lot of time editing it. I'm a bit apprehensive about making it public, what do you think? Dip my toe into the 'vlogging' world?

The renovations in my flat continue and I have new heaters in the flat and new windows! That should be the last of it done now. All that needs to be completed is the painting and some more furniture. Getting there!

I got myself some new running shoes as I have another 10k in a few weeks time and my old trainers are ready to be retired away in the cupboard. I went to my local running shop and they analysed the way I run and recommended some shoes based on that. Service was amazing and everyone that works there has some sort of running/fitness background. I will hopefully be getting a review up soon about the shop. I took my new shoes for a little test run today. Cheeky 5k to round off the weekend in style. Feeling good so far, just need to break them in a wee bit and they'll be perfect!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and ready for the new week ahead! I hope to get more regular posts up on the blog this week so keep a beady eye out!



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